Monday, May 29, 2017

Adding Course Events - A Refresher Guide

Course Events

There are 2 types of Course Events:

Attendance Events - These affect Attendance (Class Lecture, Lab, etc.)
Other Events - These do not affect Attendance (Open House, General Meeting, etc.)

Course Events are scheduled Event "Dates" that Students can attend for the Course. Course Event Attendance Hours can be optional and Course Events can be Identified by Name (Lab, Theory, Test, Final, Field Trip, etc.) and multiple Course Events can be scheduled on the same day as long as they don't occur at the same time (Example: Monday 9-10am "Theory", Monday 10am-11am "Lab"). Course Events require the Date, Start Time and End Time. Resources (Room 101 for example) can be allocated to Events and are added under Account Config > Resources. Multiple Events can be edited under More Actions > Update Selected Events.

Adding Course Events

1. Start New Course using New Course or Select Course Template and Assign (*) Required fields.

2. Under Course > Events Tab, Click Add Events presents 2 options, Add Course Schedule using Course Timetable or Enter Specific Date / Times.

Option A. Add Course Schedule using Course Timetable.

Course Timetables are not required but if they have been pre-defined in the Course Details > Timetable Tab then Add Course Schedule will use the Course Timetable and the Start Date and End Date you set under Course Details to Add Events to the Course. If the Course is Open Ended the Start Date and End Date is defined by the Academic Session Start Date and End Date you assigned to the Course.

Please Note: Open Ended Courses are intended for Students who learn asynchronously from each other and start and end at different times in the Course. The Course can remain open for the entire Academic Session and Students can be added and removed without having to Start a New Course each time a Group of Students enrol.

Tip: To use View / Print Schedule under Student > Courses Tab, Course Timetable for each Course needs to be created for each Course the Student is enrolled into as this function uses the Course Timetable to display.

Option B. Enter Specific Date / Times.

Use this option to add Single or Multiple Events at once if not using Course Timetable (Option A). Select Multiple Events to add more than single event at a time.