Wednesday, July 26, 2017

ampEducator Prospect & Student Tables Merge

When will this be happening?

The planned merge of the Prospect and Student tables will occur this weekend and we expect there to be no downtime for users.

What does this mean?

Previously converting Prospects to Students meant that some field information was not being transferred over from Prospect to Student because the fields didn't match up. In order to ensure that all information collected at the Prospect stage carries over to Students on conversion we have merged the Prospect and Student tables at the database level into one and will now simply flag the records as Prospect or Student.

Does this mean that Prospects will no longer exist?

No. There will be no change to Prospects and Students will now have additional field information to match up with Prospects. All information from Prospects will carry over to Students.

What will be affected by this change?

Because Prospect tables will be merged with Student tables this will affect reports using Prospects. Student reports will not be affected. If you see any error running reports please email and they will be fixed.

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