Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Are you managing your leads/prospects in Amp?

The Prospective Students section in Amp (ampEducator) is more powerful than ever! Did you know you could do the following:

  • feed leads directly from your website into Amp
  • email an auto-reply message to your new leads
  • automatically assign leads to specific staff members
  • schedule events/reminders for follow up with your leads
  • update all your leads' info in Amp through the sales conversion process
  • email your leads directly from Amp
  • add your leads to a Group to send them a mass email
  • and much more...
The capability of Amp prospect/lead management is rich and versatile. Are you using Amp to manage your leads? If not, contact us today to learn how easy it can be. We even have a quick 2 minute video to help you get started.