Monday, March 24, 2014

Re-organization of Sections

When you log into ampEducator this morning you will find some planned changes that have been implemented to better organize the software so that it fits in with natural workflows for institutions.

There are some new headings you haven't seen before and some other headings that are now gone or moved to other areas of the software. These necessary changes may cause our valued users some confusion but it is our hope that you will be able to adjust quickly and enjoy the new changes.

Please note that these changes are organizational only and none of the functionality has changed in these sections.

The new organization is:
  • Academics: This is where you will find Students, Courses and Programs.
  • Admissions: This is where you will find Prospects and will soon contain Online Applications, Financial Aid and Housing.
  • Communications: This contains Announcements, Letter/Email Templates and will soon include Campaigns and SMS alerts.
  • Contacts: This has not changed, but the Contacts section will be made more specific and include modules for Parents, Alumni and Employers.
  • Library: This has not changed, but will soon be improved.
  • Personnel: This includes Staff and will have other personnel types like Agents in the future.
  • Reports: This section has not changed.

You will now find the Groups module available in the top menu and if you have access to Configuration it will also be in the top menu with a gear icon.

The following other changes were also made: 
  • Roles: The role setup was simplified and now allows you to assign which roles should be treated as Student Advisors, Faculty and Recruiters. This makes it easier to select, for example, a recruiter from drop down lists as opposed to other staff members.
  • Documents: Document folders were replaced with tags. This functions in the exact same way as folders but allows the institution to organize how documents are organized throughout the system in a way that is consistent with other resource tags.
  • Groups: User and Course groups were removed. These were automatically generated groups by the system but became redundant when the application no longer made use of them.
  • Announcements: Announcements were updated. Announcement date and title were added and now you can direct your announcements to locations and user types.
  • Email Config: This was simplified if your email provider is Google, Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoo. The application will automatically configure your email for these service provider when you provide you email password.
As with any update we expect there to be some glitches and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause while we continue to build you the most affordable, fully featured web based student administration system in the world!

Please let us know if you notice any problems by emailing us - we will be working hard to make sure that the update is a smooth one for all our clients.