Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Course Updates

  • Finer Control for Faculty Access
  • Students, Gradebook and Attendance split
  • Better Gradebook and Attendance views
  • Simpler Course Events
There were some update made to the Courses section. The initial purpose was to expand faculty access to courses which they are assigned to but other changes were made as well.

When assigning an educator you now have the option to give them management access to some or all parts of the course including course details, grading schema, events, students, gradebook, attendance, announcements and documents. This allows you to do things like assign one faculty for attendance only and another one to gradebook.

In order to allow this type of control we had to split the previous 'Students, Grades & Attendance' into separate Students, Gradebook and Attendance modules. While this was being done we also took the time to update their views to populate the entire width of the screen.

Lastly event tags and titles were removed from Course events. We found that in nearly all cases there was no need to label or tag the course events and it was just an unnecessary extra step.

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