Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Current & Permanent Address

  • Live Date September 29, 2014
  • Prospect & Student profiles will now include Current & Permanent address
  • Support for additional address types will be removed
  • Existing additional address types will be copied to custom fields
  • External reports using read-only database will be affected
Currently prospect and student information and addresses are stored separately in ampEducator. This gives institutions the flexibility to define custom address types and store as many addresses per prospect / student as they like. After reviewing it's use however we've found that most institutions use this to store the current mailing address and the permanent address. To remove a layer of complexity which isn't required we've decided to add mailing and permanent addresses directly in the prospect and student profiles. 
How will this affect us?
For the most part nothing will change except in the prospect and student profile there will now be fields for the current and permanent address. The data from existing addresses will be copied over. If you have reports uploaded into ampEducator they will automatically be updated. If you have reports running on our read-only db you will need to update them (see below).
What benefits will we see?
It will make the application a little simpler and more intuitive and natural to use. As a side effect it will give you access to prospect / student address columns when displaying tables.
What will happen to additional address types we've defined?
Some schools have used the address types to define 'Emergency' contacts or 'Parent' contacts. In order to maintain this data custom fields will be added to Prospect and Student records and this information will be copied into those fields. In upcoming changes we will be adding 'Emergency' contacts directly into the student profile.
We are using the read-only database to generate reports. What changes are required?
The following changes will be made to the database schema.
  1. Address fields for current and permanent address will be added to Prospective and Student tables.
  2. Phone fields and email will be added to Prospective and Student tables.
  3. CurrentEmail, CurrentPhone and CurrentPhoneUnformatted will be dropped from Prospective and Student tables. 
  4. ProspectiveStudentAddresses will be dropped.
  5. StudentAddresses will be dropped.
You should also be aware that in a future build (most likely following this one) the Prospective tables will be merged into the Student tables. Since they will have identical schemas you will only have to update the tables referenced in your reports (i.e PropectiveStudents -> Students and ProspectiveStudentNotes -> StudentNotes etc...).
If you have any comments, questions or concerns please contact us support@amperea.com.