Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Contacts Dropped, Emergency Contacts / Employer Added

  • Live Date October 27, 2014
  • Emergency Contacts, Employer added to Student Profile
  • Contacts Section Dropped, Contacts copied over to custom fields
  • Configuration Options Consolidated

One goal of these latest changes to ampEducator are to bring focus to the core sections (Prospects, Students, Courses and Programs) and remove, simplify or better integrate everything else.. With this is mind we've decided to integrate contacts directly into Students by adding Emergency Contacts and Employer info fields. Once incorporated we will drop the Contacts section altogether and copy and information from Contacts into the profile (if applicable) or into new custom fields.

Lastly all the configuration options have been consolidated into a single module. Hour Clocks, Mailing Labels, PDF Templates, Roles and Transcript Templates can all be accessed under the Configuration menu.

How will these changes affect us?
For the most part the only difference you should notice are the absence of the Contacts section and new fields for Emergency Contacts and Employer under Prospect and Student profiles. If you had contacts assigned to Students previously and they don't fall under Emergency or Employer then a new custom field will be created and the contact information will be copied over.

What benefits will we see?
Better integration of contact will mean that information will be easier to access. One less section will make the application easier to learn. Consolidation of the configuration options will also make setup and maintenance easier as well.

What will happen to the Contacts we've already defined?
If you've defined Emergency or Employer contacts those will be copied over to the appropriate fields into the Student profile. If you have other types of Contacts (e.g. Parents) a custom field will be created and the information will be copied over to the student's profile.

We're using the read-only database to generate reports, what changes do we have to make?
The Contacts table and related tables (ContactNotes, StudentContacts, StaffContacts) will all be dropped so any reports depending on those will no longer work. The reports will have to be adjusted to work with the new columns in the Student stable.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please contact us support@amperea.com.