Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Student Updates

  • User Interface Improvements
  • Student Schedule View / Print
  • Contact Portal Removed
There was a minor update to the student's section as well as the student portal section. The update was mostly cosmetic. All the tables in the section were updated to utilize more of the screen real estate and actions which were represented by small icons were replaced with clear buttons. All cancel / back actions were also emphasized to make them stand out.
A new on-scree schedule view was added allowing staff and students to view their student schedule online and to generate a PDF version for printing.
Lastly we've removed the Contact portal. This was a feature which allowed third-parties (like parents) to login, review and update student information. Unfortunately the feature was never used and we decided to put the resources in maintaining to continue to improve ampEducator.
Note that this is part of our larger user interface updates including the removal of the pop-up windows which are created, for example, when a student record is selected. This functionality has become available in browsers through the right-click 'New Tab / Window' option.