Thursday, September 18, 2014

User Interface Changes

  • Live on Monday, September 22
  • Sidebar Menu Removed
  • Prospects, Students, Courses, Programs have permanent tabs
  • Other sections under 'More...' tab
  • Config & Support options move to tabs
  • No more pop-up windows

In response to feedback we've been adjusting the user interface for ampEducator to make it simpler and easier to use. For those who have been on the system for a while will remember that before the sidebar menu you would have to go back to the dashboard in order to jump into a different section. It worked but it could take multiple clicks and multiple page loads before you ended up in the right section. The sidebar menu changed all that and it allowed you to quickly jump between sections. However it can still take 2 clicks to get between the core sections of the application.

Current UI

We decided that the core sections - Prospects, Students, Courses and Programs - should be accessible in a single click and therefore have given them their own permanent tabs. In order to completely get rid of the sidebar menu, less commonly used sections have been put into a 'More..' dropdown tab. Finally the configuration menu which was in top small menu and the support menu on the right hand side have also received their own tabs for consistency.

New UI Beta
We believe that this makes the application much more user friendly in terms of usability and simplicity. Making this change also gave us back screen real estate which we are planning to use in future improvements. For students, the sidebar menu has been replaced with the same menu but in tab form.

Lastly as I noted in the last blog posting, we will slowly be removing all the pop up windows from the application. While useful the same (and possibly better) can be accomplished by right-clicking on a link and opening in a new tab or window.

Please email us at for any questions, comments or concerns.