Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Introducing Event Types

  • Expected Live Date November 10th 2014
  • Events will now be typed as 'To Do', 'Meeting', 'Phone Call Out', 'Phone Call In', 'Other'
  • Event Tags will be discontinued
  • Web Services will be discontinued
The newest build of ampEducator will introduce Event Types into Events. Event types differ from event tags in that the application is able to recognize, track and report on the different types of events. Depending on the event type the application will also require different inputs and present different options.

Event Type Possible Outcomes Required Fields
To Do Completed or Incomplete Item to be completed, Date
Meeting Show or No Show Date, Time, Duration
Phone Call Out Answer, No Answer, Voicemail Date, Time, Duration
Phone Call In Answered, Missed, Voicemail Date, Time, Duration
Other Completed or Incomplete (Opt) Item, Date, Time, Duration

The change will allow institutions to better track, report and analyse activity. Some examples of the new reports which will be possible include
  • Number of interviews booked, Show / No Show %
  • Number of applications booked, Show / No Show %
  • Number of calls made, Minutes on Phone, Answer / No Answer / Voicemail %
It will be redundant to have both event tags and types so we will be removing event tags from the system.
Also being removed this week will be webservices. The services were severely underused and we felt that development time maintaining them could be better applied elsewhere in the application. We are providing alternate solutions for institutions already using web services.
Web Service Alternate
HourClockWS We've intergrated an hour clock directly into the application at
For details see 'Edit Hour Clock Config' under Configuration->Hour Clocks.
ProspectWS We've update the prospect web form at
It will now return a JSON response when it finds the following parameter
For details see 'Web Form / Api' under Configuration->Prospects.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.