Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Prospect Workflow

  • Live Date Mar 16, 2015
  • Better Workflow 
  • Better Information / Actions 
Better Workflow
The prospective student section will be updated this weekend to implement changes we've been working on for a while. The goal of the update is to provide users a structured workflow so that they can use their time as efficiently as possible. To do this we are introducing a fixed set of stati for prospective students. These stati are:
  • Lead
  • Tour
  • Interview
  • Application
  • Enrolled
  • Lost
  • Rejected
Typically prospects will go through on or more of the stages before being enrolled (or lost). At each stage the application will now recommend action for that prospect. For example, the application will recommend that you book a tour with 'Lead' prospects. In addition when booking or updating events you will now have the option to automatically update the prospect status. For example when booking an interview with a student you will have the option to update their status to 'Interview'. When then event is complete the status will automatically be updated from Interview (Pending) to Interview (Success or No Show) and the application will recommend the next course of action.
Better Information / Actions
To give a better idea of prospects moving through this workflow, the prospect list page has been updated in several ways (see screenshot below).
  • Stati Summary
    At the top of the screen you will now find a count of the number of prospects in each of the statis. Clicking on the statis, for example 'Interview', will bring up all prospects with that status. This will eventually be updated to include other details like conversion rates.
  • Prospect Summary
    The list for prospects will no longer contain columns of data. Instead it will now contain a concise summary card for each prospect providing contact and status details along with other useful information. You will still be able to sort and export the data.
  • Prospect Actions
    You can now update a status, add an event, send an email or add a note for prospect student directly from the prospect list page without going into their profile.
Screenshot of updated Prospect List
Can we still use our existing stati?
Unfortunately existing stati are now disabled. You will still be able to see them under the prospect profile but you will no longer be able to assign your old statis.

What statis will existing prospects have?
Prospects which have been converted to students will receive the 'Enrolled' stati. Deleted prospects will be assigned 'Rejected'. Other prospects will automatically be considered a 'Lead'. There will also be an option to bulk update prospect stati. Followup Date will not be affected.

Will I still be able to sort the information?
You will be able to sort but only on a predefined number of columns.

Will I still be able to export the data?
Yes. When you chose to export the data you will be asked to select the columns you want included in the report.
Why not just leave good enough alone?
Simply listing data with options to select columns and sort is really no better than a spreadsheet. Having all this data is an opportunity to provide you with better insight and tools in order to make your job easier.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please email us