Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Attendance Importing & Updates

  • Live Date August 25, 2015
  • Attendance Importing
  • Attendance UI Updated
  • Attendance Override Available
Attendance Importing
Import of student attendance is now available under Student->Imports. Using a CSV file you can add new attendance or update existing attendance for students.
Attendance UI Updated
The user interface for entering and viewing student attendance has been updated and improved. On the course attendance page you can now directly indicate whether a student was late or had an authorised absence without going into the attendance details. The attendance details page has also been revamped allowing you to quickly see the entire student attendance history and make any changes quickly and easily. Please note there is now an additional option under courses called 'Attendance Type'. Selecting 'Standard' and 'Hourly' now allows you to switch whether attendance is entered using Present/Absent or entered using hours.
The updated attendance entry page allowing you to indicate late and authorised absences.

The attendance details page now lets you see and update all attendance for a student.
Attendance Override Available
On the attendance details page you will also find the attendance totals for the student with the ability to override Present, Absent, Late and Course Hours.

You can now override student attendance totals from the attendance details page.

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