Sunday, August 30, 2015

Program Imports & Updates

  • Live Date August 30, 2015
  • Program Importing
  • Program Credits
  • Program Elective Courses
  • Student Program View Updated
  • Student Program Uncomplete Available
Program Importing
Importing of programs is now available under Programs->Import. Using a CSV file you can import new programs into ampEducator.
Program Credits 
Up until now for each program course you had to define a marking weight which ampEducator used to calculate the student program average. However courses are already weighted by credits and adding weights on top of this is an unnecessary complication. Therefore we've removed course weights and adjusted the application so that program averages are weighted using course credits.
Program Elective Courses
We've added an additional parameter to program components called 'Required Component Credits'. This allows you to set the number of credits a student must earn for each component in order to complete it. Setting the number of required credits lower than then number of courses in that component allows students to select between the courses in that component creating elective courses.
Student Program View Updated
The program view under Students as well as the Student Portal has been updated to reflect the changes in programs. The number of student credits earned is now shown and each component displays the number of required credits and the number of credits earned.

The student program view now displays earned and required credits for each component.
Student Program Uncomplete
Users now have the option to uncomplete a student program. Many users have requested this option in situations where a student program was completed prematurely or with errors.

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