Monday, August 1, 2016

Updates & Changes

  • UI, API & Manual Updates
  • Course Capacity, Prereqs, Equivalents
  • Self Enroll Capacity, Prereqs, Programs
  • Bulk Emailer
UI, API & Manual Updates
Work is ongoing to update the user interface and internationalize ampEducator. Announcements have been revamped. Adding and editing are now done through a modal window (no extra page loads), the old text editor has been updated and a new option to view notification details is available. We've also updated group emails replacing the old text editor. Along with the UI changes we are continuing to add content into the online manual and new functions to the API.  The manual and api can both be found on our website here:
Course Capacity, Prereqs & Equivalents
There are now several new options under course configuration. You now have the option to enforce course capacity and prerequisites. When enforced you will not be able to enroll students into courses which are full or into courses for which students don't meet the required prerequisites. Additionally you can now setup a list of course equivalents. These equivalents allow students to complete programs and meet course preqrequisites with alternate courses.

Self Enroll Capacity, Prereqs & Programs
Similar to the above, when enabled students will not be able to self enroll into courses which are full or for which they don't have the required prerequisites. If selected students will only be able to enroll into courses in their primary program. There is also now an email notification when students self enroll letting them know which courses they were enrolled into and the associated fees.

Bulk Emailer
We've added a new ampEducator bulk emailer config option. This new option will let you send bulk emails without the need of setting up your own bulk email account. The emails will still originate from your account but will be appended with 'via'. When using this option we will also be able to track and report on any bounced emails. Right now the option is available for all institutions to try however starting next month it will become a billable option.

Please email us at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.