Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Select All Beta

  • Available Now
  • Select All items in list not just current page
  • Available for Prospects & Students
  • User Interface Change
Select All
Currently when you select all items on a list you can only select those on the current page, a maximum of 25 items. While useful this makes it hard to work with larger groups and so we are now testing a new feature which lets you select all items in a list.  The Select All option is available under the Prospect and Student list sections. Once selected you can use any of the available actions which work with multiple items.

User Interface Change

In order to accommodate the Select All option we've made minor changes to the user interface.
  • The checkbox to Select All has been moved up to the toolbar above the table.
  • If the Select All option is not enabled the checkbox behaves the same as before.
  • If the Select All option is enabled you have three choices.
    • Select Visible - this will select items on the current page
    • Select All - this will select all items in the list
    • Select None - this will remove all selections
New Select All button showing three available options.

Please email if you have any problems, comments or questions regarding this feature.