Monday, February 20, 2017

Academic Years changed to Academic Sessions

  • Available Now
  • Academic Year / Terms now "Academic Sessions"
What's this change all about?
In case you missed it please review the previous blog post on this change topic:

What was added?
Under Students List there is now an "Academic Sessions" Filter and a Column called "Session". This is the current Session for the Student and can be Filtered.

There is now an "Add Session" under More Actions which lets you bulk Add Sessions to Selected Students in the Student List.

There is also now a new tab called "Sessions". This is a summary of all the Sessions the Student has taken. It shows the session, number of credits attempted, number completed. averages, attendance etc. You can add a new Academic Session here and also set the default. This replaces the "Reg (Registration)" tab in the Student Profile.

Where do I manage Academic Sessions?
To manage Academic Sessions (formerly Academic Years) Admin users can access under Institution Account > Academic Sessions.

There are some other minor wording / filter changes to switch everything to Academic Sessions that you will observe and some existing custom reports may be effected. Our support team is working to update all reports to support this change.

If you have any questions or notice any errors please report them to to start a ticket.