Thursday, March 16, 2017

Student Course Email Notifications

We recently were requested to add the ability to email students automatically when grades were entered or other changes occurred within a course. This feature is now available and how it was implemented:

1) Course Templates - There is now a 'Student Notifications' multi select in Courses and Course Templates - see image below. You can select to notify students on any status change (enroll, withdraw, incomplete, complete) or any grade change. This is copied over to courses when you use the template.

2) Courses - There is now a 'Student Notifications' multi select - the same as #1

3) Courses->Students - There is an email icon beside each student which will email them a notification email. The email contains basic student / course status & info, attendance overview and student grade overview.

Other than that, if any of the student notifications are selected the application will sent out the notification email when a selected change happens.

Notifications for Students can now be found at the bottom of Course Details.