Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Course List Filters - Select ALL for Locations Academic Sessions

Minor Update Notice - We have added the ability to select "ALL" for Locations and (Active) Academic Sessions under the Course List Filters to aid users with longer lists of Locations and Sessions in their search for Courses across all.

There is also a new Column Selector available "Session". It is important to Select "Session" column in order to know which Session the Course in the list is assigned to.

How do I Select Columns to view in my Course list? 

Use the common navigation buttons that control what appears in lists (shown in order of appearance below) Filter, Column Selector, Export and Refresh. 

Any questions, please email us at

Monday, June 12, 2017

Prospect to Student Data Sync and Multi-Select Tags (Filters)

In order to make ampEducator data more consistent from Prospect to Student conversion we are matching all Prospect fields up to Students and combining them to the same table - so you will now have Lead Source, Interested, Tags and any other data collected and normally reserved for the recruiting process for Prospects converting to Student record automatically. In the past, for some data you would need to look up the Prospect record to see this data.

As part of this update we've made Tags multi-select so each Prospect can now have multiple Tags assigned and we have enabled Tags for Students as well. You can also filter on multiple Tags to limit the list to just the Tags you wish to see or if you want to see all then un-check all the Tags in the Tags filter as "Nothing Selected" or check all off. This will show all Prospects without limiting to just the Tags you want to see.

Coming soon we will be able to offer Financials for Prospects giving you the ability to charge fees to Prospects (such as Application Fees, etc.) before enrolling them as Students. Got Questions? Email us at!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Bulk Update Per Student - Attendance Details

What does this mean?

There are situations when Staff or Instructors need to update several Attendance Dates at once for a Student and rather than updating each one individually you can now Bulk Update Per Student Attendance Details.

How does this work?

Let's say you need to update several weeks of Attendance for a Student that was present for all dates - before you would have to go to each date and mark P or enter the hours (depending on Standard or Hourly Attendance Type for the Course). Now you can update all at once:
Bulk Update Per Student - Attendance Details
1. When you edit student attendance there are checkbox for each item.
2. Select the ones you want to edit.
3. Click on 'Update Selected' at the bottom.
4. Modal window pops up and you enter attendance there. Depending on standard or hourly different options are available.
5. Click on 'Apply' and the attendance is applied to the selected attendance items.
6. Click on Save.