Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Prospect & Student Tables Merge, Forms & Student Portal Updates

  • Now Live: Oct 10, 2017
  • Prospect & Student Data Merge
  • Prospect & Student Forms
  • Student Portal Updates
  • Coming Soon: Assignments & Tests

Prospect and Student Table Merge
What does this mean?
Previously converting Prospects to Students meant that some field information was not being transferred over from Prospect to Student because the fields didn't match up. In order to ensure that all information collected at the Prospect stage carries over to Students on conversion we have merged the Prospect and Student tables at the database level into one and will now simply flag the records as Prospect or Student.
Does this mean that Prospects will no longer exist?
No. There will be no change to Prospects and Students will now have additional field information to match up with Prospects. All information from Prospects will carry over to Students.
What will be affected by this change?
Because Prospect tables will be merged with Student tables this will affect reports using Prospects. Student reports should not be affected. If you see any error running reports please email support@ampeducator.com and they will be fixed.

Prospect & Student Forms
Forms can now be added under Home > Forms. Once created you can add the forms to Prospects and Students under Student > Forms (tab).
How can I use Forms?
One example could include Application Form with Fee. The form user receives the form via email or link and can save and return the to Form until they hit Submit.  Once submitted the form becomes read only to maintain form integrity. You can see the forms assigned to this student, their status, when/if they've started, completed, paid etc.. There is option to email student the link, view the form link and copy / paste it, view the form and copy individual fields to student or all fields to student. You can also download any attachments.

Student Portal Updates
What are the changes?
Under Institution Config > Students > Portal you can now specify whether or not the Student can change/edit Profile Information like Address or Email, and if you want them to View their Attendance / Hours (this is for some schools that may not be using ampEducator for Attendance and/or Hours).
The Student Profile is now updated to match the overall ampEducator user interface with Details (contact details), Emergency Contacts, Programs and Payment Plans all on one page.
We have also added 'Agenda' on the Student Portal dashboard page. This shows any course events scheduled for the student + public events. (We will be adding Assignments and Tests soon and these will also show up on the Agenda).
We removed the Calendar from the menu bar and put it as an icon on the Agenda. It now also shows both the course + public events. (Note: Once assignment / tests are available they will show up on the calendar as well).
Student Portal Courses menu was also updated, Student now see View / Print Schedule, (Self) Enroll in Courses (if available) and then a list of Enrolled Course 1, Enrolled Course 2, etc. and All Enrolled courses. This was done to make the Courses section shorter and simpler for Students to understand.
The Course user interface was also re-done. When a Student clicks on a course they now see three tabs, Summary (course details, instructors w/images and contact info, grading, documents), Announcements and Results (Student Grades). This provides an area for more expansion into the Course feature set to include our upcoming Assignments & Tests (and other exciting options to come).

Got Questions?
Email us at support@ampeducator.com