Tuesday, January 16, 2018

ampEducator Moodle Integration

Moodle integration is now available to ampEducator!
To enable it you need go to Config > Courses > Moodle and enter the Moodle instance login URL where you have setup your Moodle account (ie. https://ampeducator.moodlecloud.com) token for api user (generated in Moodle) and role id for student (found in Moodle). There are several steps you need to take in the actual Moodle instance to enable web services and we've done our best to explain this Institution Config section. The application will test the details and make sure you have everything setup properly in Moodle before enabling it and you can troubleshoot by viewing the log. (If you need assistance with your Moodle Instance configuration ampEducator Support  Team can help for small Setup Fee).
Once enabled you can start a new course and link it with Moodle. You need to link the Course to Moodle when you're starting the course.
The course then has a tab called 'Moodle' which has 2 sections:
1) Config
You can configure Moodle config for each course.
a) Daily Auto Sync - this determines whether or not ampEducator should sync the course daily.
b) Create Students - when you enable this ampEducator will create new students if they don't exist in ampEducator or Moodle
c) Charge Fees - when you select this ampEducator will charge students when they are auto enrolled into the course - i.e. when they are in Moodle but not in ampEducator and they get enrolled in ampEducator course.
d) Grade Sync Type - some options on how the sync should deal with grades. it can use the latest grade, always use Moodle or always use ampEducator.
e) Course Final Type - lets you select how the final should be calculated, locally or use the final from Moodle.
2) Sync
This is a list of syncs done by ampEducator. You can view the result of each sync and manually start a new sync using 'Sync Now'.
Got Questions? Email Support@ampEducator.com