Monday, February 12, 2018

Hour Clock, Course Events and Attendance - A Refresher Guide

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What is an Hour Clock in ampEducator?

Every ampEducator account has a built-in Hour Clock that can be used to track Student and Staff Hours. This is found under Username > Institution Config > Hour Clocks:


When the Student checks in using our built-in Hour Clock the Hour Clock the system looks up the assigned Student Hour clock you have configured and allows them to sign in or rejects the sign in based on the settings. The idea is that the Students can sign in and sign out logging Hours themselves rather than manually doing this with a role call.

You also have the option of linking Hour Clocks to attendance.  Check off "Link to Attendance" in the Hour Clock config to enable this feature. Note: There is also an option to "Override Existing" which means that Hours entered in the Student Profile > Hours Tab will Override Course Attendance that has already been entered. You would use this option if you wanted to update all Course Attendance from the Student Profile > Hours Tab. Otherwise you would not have this checked.

If "Link to Attendance" is checked off, the Hour Clock sign in action will look up scheduled Course Events that the student is enrolled in for that particular sign in day and time action and mark them as Present or Late OR assign the exact Hours/Minutes depending on how you have configured the Course Attendance and the Hour Clock assigned to the Student.

Go to Username > Institution Config > Hour Clocks > Hour Clocks Tab to setup Hour Clock(s) to assign to Students and Staff. You can have as many Hour Clocks as you like, but only one can be  assigned to Students and Staff.  To assign, go to Students > Profile > Other Tab and scroll down to Assigned Hour Clocks. Note: If you are starting ampEducator and already have Students who have existing (previous) Hours and you wish include them you can add the total Previous Hours here as well. This will add the Hours entered to the overall Hours the student has for this Course. Staff Hour Clocks are Assigned under the Staff Profile as well.

Student Hour Tracking and Course Attendance can be using jointly or independently in ampEducator. Student Hour Tracking is intended to be used with the built-in Username > Institution Config > Hour Clocks.

Institutions that wish to track the Sign In and Sign Out times of Students can do so with any USB input device connected to the internet and a computer located at the school (including BioMetric Scanner, Magnetic Stripe Cards, or Bar Code Scanner. There is also an option to produce cards from ampEducator that can be printed and/or digitally scanned from a student/staff SmartPhone) or by simply entering times manually under the Student > Hours > Add Daily Hours.

Hour Clocks can be IP protected so that Hours can only be recorded by a device at the physical location of the IP address. Once you have successfully setup a Hour Clock you assign the Hour Clock to each Student to track overall clock hours.

The Hour Clock is not required to track Student Hours. If you do not wish to track actual Sign In and Sign Out of Students you can just use our Standard or Hourly Attendance Types with Course Attendance to track Student Hours.

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