Monday, May 27, 2019

Grading Update

In order to reduce issues resulting from updating an institution's grading scale we've added some new configuration options and features:
1. All Grades Types Recorded
ampEducator previously only recorded the student's percentage grade average and grade point average and then used these values to generate Letter, Pass / Fail and Custom grades. Since this can cause confusion if an institution updates their grading scale all grades are now stored for student courses, programs, sessions and overall grades.
2. Cumulative Calculations
Averages for Programs, Sessions and Overall are calculated using both the student course percentage average and student course grade point average. In general the two averages will give different results when converted to Letter, Pass / Fail and Custom grades. To reduce confusion you must now choose which average ampEducator will use. Under Institution Config -> Students -> Defaults -> Cumualtive Calculations you can now choose between using percentage averages or grade point averages. By default grade point averages are used.
3. Program Passing Mark
As part of these changes Programs now require that you enter both a percentage passing mark as well as a grade point passing mark. By default the grade point passing mark has been set using the grading scale of your institution.
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