Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Evaluations, Assignments & Grading

  • Evaluations now integrated with courses.
  • Evaluations & Assignments must now be linked to course grade.
  • New 'Complete/Incomplete' course grade type.
  • Multiple course grades expanded to 20.
1. Evaluations
Evaluations are a way for instructors to assess students on course projects, tasks and other activities. Each evaluation can contain both graded and non-graded items for the instructor to complete and can be designed using the evaluation builder introduced last week. Evaluations are linked to course grades and student's can be given permission to view evaluations if desired.
2. Course Grades
When you add a new grade in a course you will now notice a 'Grade Link' type. This allows you to link a course grade to an assignment or evaluation. The grade is the same as it was except that assignment grades will now be assigned to the student grade and similarly grading and evaluation will update the linked grade. Multiple and take best are supported for linked assignments and evaluations as well.
A new requirement for all assignments and evaluations is that they be linked to a course grade even if that grade has zero weight. A new grade with zero weight has been added and linked with any existing assignments.
We have also added an additional type of course grade called 'Complete / Incomplete'. This can be used in cases where a mark is not necessarily required but the item has to be tracked such as assignments. When a student grade is assigned 'Complete' they will receive 100% of the weight of that grade. Conversely when a student grade is assigned 'Incomplete' they will receive 0% of the weight of the grade.
3. Course Assignments, Evaluations & Tests
Evaluations have been added below assignments. From here you can see all evaluations, expand the list to see student results and edit student evaluations.
4. Course Gradebook / Student Grades
The Gradebook has been slightly modified in that for grades that are linked to evaluations and assignments there is now a direct link allowing you to update assignments and evaluations from the Gradebook.
5. Student Portal
Student can now view the results of any evaluations in the portal. If 'Student Access' is selected for the course grade associated with the evaluation, student's will also be able to see the evaluation and its details.
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