Wednesday, October 9, 2019

NEW! Course User Interface Updates

As part of our ongoing updates to support new features and maintain a consistent User Interface (UI) in ampEducator, Courses have been updated in this recent build release:
1. NEW! Communication Tab - Grouped Announcements and Events.
2. NEW! Learning Management Tab - Grouped Docs, Tests, Assignments and Evaluations.
3. Moved Grading Schema (formerly Grading Tab) and Attendance Events into Details Tab.
4. Added Average Grade Distribution under Details Tab. This is data that shows grade distribution similar to Programs > Grade Distribution.
5. Updated Students Tab:
a. Under More Actions > Generate Course Student List was removed and replaced with Export tool on the Student Tab > Click the Export Data Iconand Select Student Course Data to export. Then download as PDF, CSV or XML. 
b. Course Details User Interface was updated.
c. Removed 'Add to Groups' feature, this will be replaced with Emails and SMS into the Course Communications Tab in upcoming release.
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BUILD 1.49.20191009 ampEducator Inc. 2019