Monday, January 13, 2020

NEW! Prospect Recruiter Round Robin Pools

What is a Prospect Recruiter Round Robin Pool? 
The Prospect Recruiter 'Round Robin' Pool will automatically assign (by Location, Filters and Weighting) Prospects in rotation to Recruiters. This function can be found under Institution Config > Prospect > Round Robin section. Filter options include:
AgeGenderCountryProvinceInterested InLead SourceData Source (i.e. Web, Web Form, Public Form, User Form (+ specify which form), API, Moodle)International (is International Prospect or not?)High School (High School Grade Year)Desired Start Date (labeled 'Expected Date')Custom Field (any custom field)
How do I setup a Pool?
1. Click a Location Name to display existing Pools OR click the Group Icon to the right of the Location Name to add a new Pool.
2. Select and Configure the Filter(s) you wish to apply to the Pool.
3. Add Recruiters to the Pool (with weighting). Adding a weight of 3 will assign 3 Prospects before moving to the next Recruiter in the list. If you don't want to use any weighting simply enter 1.
4. Test your Setup!
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