Monday, August 17, 2020

NEW! User Interface (UI) Updates!

 We've updated the Student User Interface (UI) in ampEducator, Student and Prospects have the same sections as before, they are just re-organized to reduce tabs with a new menu to the left - see below.


You will now find 4 Sections (tabs) in Students, (1) Profile, (2) Academics, (3) Account, (4) Communications.

1. Profile includes Details, Admin, Other, Custom, User, Education, Emergency, Employer, Status, Notes, Contracts, Documents, Forms and Groups.
2. Academics includes Sessions, Programs, Courses, Transfer credits, Attendance and Hours.
3. Account remains changed.
4. Communication includes Emails, Events Letters and Sms.


You will now find 3 Sections (tabs) in Prospects, (1) Profile, (2) Status, (3) Communications:

1. Profile includes Details, Admin, Other, User, Custom, Education, Emergency, Employer, Notes, Contracts, Documents, Forms and Groups.
2. Status remains unchanged
3. Communications includes Emails, Events Letters and Sms.

Additional Changes:

- Add Student is now a Modal Window (pop-up) with same functions as before. Email is now a required field.
- Username is now the assigned ID by default, however you can over-ride this.
- Ability to disable 2 factor authentication for students.
- Minor changes in prospect import (currentStatus > Status, currentFollowUpDate removed).
- Student sequence tracked so that only new students increase the student assigned ID.
- Under InstitutionConfig > Students you now have option to switch between balance due and balance in the student summary.
- Generate transcript now has ability to save as document or email and well as generate.
- Balance is now available when generating a course list.

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