Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ampEducator Unavailable

8:00PM ampEducator became unresponsive to requests. We are aware of the issue and are trying to track it down.

8:15 PM We've tracked the problem down to a misconfiguration on one of the new servers. The problem has been resolved and everything is working as usual.

Daily Agendas, Emails

09:00 AM There was an issue last night with the daily agendas being sent out. We are currently looking into it and should have it resolved by the end of the day. We expect that the agendas will go out as usual tomorrow.

11:00 AM We noticed an issue with processing incoming emails. Some users might not be getting their emails in the ampEducator email box.

12:45 PM The email issue has now been resolved. Please double check your email accounts to make sure no email were missed.

1:15 PM The daily agenda issue was resolved and the agendas for today were resent.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Migration to New Servers Complete

We have recently completed ampEducator's migration to new servers at Rackspace. The new servers will allow us to handle the growing number of institutions using the software from around the world without decreasing performance - in fact you should notice a considerable improvement in response times.

We expect there will be some minor issues which usually happens under these circumstances. Please report them to support@amperea.com or use the built in Live Support tool in the application to contact us and we will resolve any problems as fast as possible.