Thursday, March 16, 2017

Student Course Email Notifications

We recently were requested to add the ability to email students automatically when grades were entered or other changes occurred within a course. This feature is now available and how it was implemented:

1) Course Templates - There is now a 'Student Notifications' multi select in Courses and Course Templates - see image below. You can select to notify students on any status change (enroll, withdraw, incomplete, complete) or any grade change. This is copied over to courses when you use the template.

2) Courses - There is now a 'Student Notifications' multi select - the same as #1

3) Courses->Students - There is an email icon beside each student which will email them a notification email. The email contains basic student / course status & info, attendance overview and student grade overview.

Other than that, if any of the student notifications are selected the application will sent out the notification email when a selected change happens.

Notifications for Students can now be found at the bottom of Course Details.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Proposed Changes to Students Accounts

Live Date: March 27

We are proposing to make the following changes to the student accounts sections. These changes will help institutions better track payments and payment plans, control how payments are applied to charges, generate accurate account receivable reports, charge and track any applicable taxes and charge automated late fees for outstanding fees.
The proposed changes are:
  1. Add due date and balance for each charge item.
  2. Automatically apply and track payments to charge items.
  3. Allow users to edit and manage how payments are applied.
  4. Add ability to configure and charge taxes.
  5. Add ability to configure and automatically charge late payments.
  6. Add built in Accounts Receivable Aged Report (Current, 30/60/90 Days)
If you have any questions about these proposed changes please email

Monday, March 6, 2017

Where did Prospect Configuration Go?

Don't worry (just like Course Configuration last week) Prospect Configuration has been move to Institution Config under your Admin Username. We kept tabs for organization purposes that most users have been familiar with in the old Configuration section. Now when you click on Prospects in the Institution Config it will show Default, Custom, Interested, Reasons, Recruiter, Sources, Tags and WebForm 'Tabs'. Clicking on the Name of the Tab displays the options and editing the options will open a modal window.

New Prospect Configuration Section

Editing Prospect Custom Fields
While the Prospect Config may look a little different the only real change that occurred here was Recruiter Auto-Assignment feature. You may or may not be using this feature but some clients let ampEducator assign recruiters to new leads added to the system 'Round Robin' style automatically rather than having a Recruiter Manager do this manually. There was an option to auto-assign from a Alphabetized list of Recruiter names but since no clients were using the Alphabetical assignment the option was dropped and only Round Robin assignment exists now. The method for setting this up looks a little different than before but the functionality remains the same. You expand the location by clicking in the (+) and then assign the Round Robin list of Recruiters. This is optional and not required to be able to assign recruiters by location manually. As long as you provide the Recruiter with the Location Access in their user Profile, you can assign them manually to any lead in ampEducator.

New Prospect Recruiter Round Robin Configuration Section

Any questions please contact us at