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Hour Clock Sign In/Out Student Hour Tracking and Linking to Attendance - A Refresher Guide

When implementing Attendance in ampEducator you have the option of Linking Hour Clock Student sign in and out tracking to Course Attendance. When the Student checks in using our built-in Hour Clock the Hour Clock will look up Courses with scheduled Course Events that the student is enrolled in for that sign in day and time and mark them as Present or Late OR assign Hours depending on how you have configured the Course Attendance.

Student Hour Tracking and Course Attendance can be using jointly or independently in ampEducator. Student Hour Tracking is intended to be used with the built-in Username > Account Config > Hour Clocks setup for Institutions that wish to track the Sign In and Sign Out times of Students using a USB input device connected to a computer located physically at the school (BioMetric Fingerprint Scanner, Magnetic Stripe Cards, Bar Code Scanner using printed cards and/or digitally from SmartPhone) or by simply entering times manually under the Student > Hours > Add Daily Hours. Hour Clocks can be IP protected so that Hours can only be recorded by a device at the physical location of the IP address. Once you have successfully setup a Hour Clock you assign the Hour Clock to each Student to track overall clock hours.

The Hour Clock is not required to track Student Hours. If you do not wish to track actual Sign In and Sign Out of Students you can just use our Standard or Hourly Attendance Types with Course Attendance to track Student Hours.

Please see the blog post - Attendance in ampEducator - A Refresher Guide

Attendance in ampEducator - A Refresher Guide.

(Last Updated: Jan 2020)

Attendance is recorded by staff (usually instructors assigned to the Course) for each Course. Before you can record Attendance for a Course you must add Events to the Course. If there are no Course Events added then nothing will display under the Attendance Tab.

To Generate an Attendance Report, simply go to any Course > Attendance Tab > More Actions > Generate Attendance Report for all the Students in the Course. If you wish to produce an individual Student Attendance Report, this is done under the Student Profile > Attendance Tab (with various options). If you require a custom Attendance report, this can be produced as well contact for more details to design a custom report.

Before you "Add Event(s)" to the Course, the Course Attendance Type needs to be set. This depends on the requirements of the Course as some schools are Clock Hour schools rather than Standard Attendance schools that just need to record Present, Late or Absent.

See the blog post on - Adding Course Events - A Refresher Guide

The Attendance Type is selected as a pulldown under Course Details > Details > Attendance Type:

Attendance Type. There are 2 types of Course Attendance in ampEducator "Standard" and "Hourly". When starting (or importing) any Course the Attendance Type under Course Details defines what Course Attendance input options will be displayed for Instructors (or Staff with access to the Course) to enter for Students once Course Events are added.

Note: There is also Auto Mark Absent. If the Auto Mark Absent option is checked under Course Details > Details > Attendance, ampEducator will check the previous day for no Attendance entered (ie. empty attendance fields) and if no Attendance was taken the Student will be automatically be marked Absent for the previous day by ampEducator. Otherwise if Auto Mark Absent is not checked then Instructors (or Staff) will need to mark Absent for each day the Student is away for Absent to be counted.

If "Standard" Attendance Type is selected the following will be presented under Course > Attendance Tab for each student under each Course Event that is scheduled. To edit the Attendance for the Course Event, simply click the Date to make the Column Active (it will turn Green).

If "Hourly" Attendance Type is selected a box will appear allowing the Instructor (or Staff) to enter the hours as required rather than selecting Present, Absent, etc. Tip: If the shortcut at the top is checked off below the Date - this assigns the Hours available to all Students for the Event (ie. If each event is 1 hour, then 1 hr will appear in all the students boxes). To clear the list check the (-) button.

Tip: To save time we have added a shortcut to make all Students Present or Absent. Checking this off below the Date assigns this Attendance outcome for all Students. To clear the list check the (-) button.

Check Mark = Present, If Attendance Hours for the Event are entered - then 100% will assigned to the Student.

X = Absent, 0% Hours Assigned to the Student.

A = Authorized Absence, No Hours assigned, Student was Absent with Reason and Absence not counted against Student. Click X, then A to set this Attendance outcome. An example of this would be Absent, but had doctor or dentist note and a note of this would be entered under the Attendance details by clicking the magnifying glass.

There are 3 examples of Late Attendance outcomes for Student Late tracking or "L". Please see below:

Example 1. A student can be Late for class L and you would select L for this and the default time would be deducted from the student. (We set this at 15 minutes but you can edit this to be whatever you require).

L = Late, applies the Default set minutes under Username (Top Right) > Institution Config > Courses > Defaults > Default Late Amount (min) = 15 minutes (or whatever you set here).

Example 2. A Student Left Early. For this you would select L, then ! to pick Left Early from the Attendance Penalty custom list. 

! = Late Penalty, applies the Late Penalty that you select. Administrators can edit this list and the penalty minutes under Username (Top Right) > Institution Config > Courses > Penalties.

Example 3. A Student was late for class and then left early as well. For this you can select "L" and "!" to indicate both outcomes. To edit the penalties (if required) you can do this under the magnifying glass for the student Attendance Details. See Below.

Adding Course Attendance Events - A Refresher Guide

(Last Updated Jan. 2020)

Course Attendance Events

Course Events are scheduled Event "Dates" that Students can attend for the Course. Course Event Attendance Hours can be optional and Course Events can be Identified by Name (Lab, Theory, Test, Final, Field Trip, etc.) and multiple Course Events can be scheduled on the same day as long as they don't occur at the same time (Example: Monday 9-10am "Theory", Monday 10am-11am "Lab"). Course Events require the Date, Start Time and End Time. Resources (Room 101 for example) can be allocated to Events and are added under Account Config > Resources. Multiple Events can be edited under More Actions > Update Selected Events.

Adding Course Attendance Events

1. Start New Course using New Course or Select Course Template and Assign (*) Required fields.

2. Under Course > Details > Attend Events, Click New Events. This will present a modal window which will allow you to add Events one at a time or by click off Add Multiple Events (to add events on the parameters you select). If you need to add multiple events at different times, then simply add the common days and times and return back to the menu to complete the dates with different times. Skip Holidays will not add Events to dates listed under Institution Config > Academic Session > Holidays. Identifier is to allow you to name the Event for reference purposes only ie. Lab or Lecture. Attendance hours specifies how many hours will be assigned if the student is present ie. the course may run from 9am-11am but there can be a a half hour break, thus the hours for attendance would only be 1.5 rather than 2. Using Assign Student is for a individual students only - a rare case where a student needs a specific Attendance Make Up Date and it will only effect this one Student and not others. ie. it will not penalize others if they are not in attendance for this Event.

More Actions > Add Course Schedule using Course Timetable.

Course Timetables are not required but if they have been pre-defined in the Course Details > Timetable Tab then Add Course Schedule will use the Course Timetable and the Start Date and End Date you set under Course Details to Add Events to the Course. If the Course is Open Ended the Start Date and End Date is defined by the Academic Session Start Date and End Date you assigned to the Course.

Please Note: Open Ended Courses are intended for Students who learn asynchronously from each other and start and end at different times in the Course. The Course can remain open for the entire Academic Session and Students can be added and removed without having to Start a New Course each time a Group of Students enrol.

Tip: To use View / Print Schedule under Student > Courses Tab, Course Timetable for each Course needs to be created for each Course the Student is enrolled into as this function uses the Course Timetable to display.

Attendance Penalty with Custom Reason Codes

What does this mean?

We now offer the option to apply custom Attendance reason codes that result in a set minutes that you decide on being deducted from the scheduled hours. An example would be Left Early but you can create any custom Reason code that you prefer. You simply check off the student as present and then click ! to pick from your custom Attendance Penalty list. See more details below!

Please Note:  An important change was made here for Late default from % to actual minutes. The Late default is now set to 15 minutes for all clients. When you select Late (L) on the attendance list the default late minutes are deducted from the scheduled hours. This can be changed under Username (Top Right) > Institution Confg > Courses > Defaults > Default Late Amount (min) = 15.

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How do Attendance Penalties work?

This function is setup under the Institution Config Menu accessible by any Admin User. If you do not see this menu please contact us via to confirm your Admin User.


Any Administrator User under Username (Top Right) > Institution Config->Courses->Penalties you can now define a list of attendance penalty reasons. You need to enter a penalty code, reason and default minutes. There are 2 default penalties - Left Early and Not Participating.

Configuration Course Attendance Penalties

Attendance List

We added an extra icon under attendance which looks like an exclamation point by default. When taking attendance in the list you can click on it and select the attendance penalty. This will deduct the default attendance penalty from the time. You can select 'No Penalty' to remove the penalty. When you select an attendance penalty the icon changes to the attendance penalty code.

Add Attendance Penalty to Student

If you select L on the attendance list it will now deduct the default late amount (15 minutes unless you set it to be something else).

If you're doing attendance by hours you can still select a penalty but because you are entering the actual hours it won't deduct anything - just flag the penalty.

Attendance Details

We added an extra icon for attendance like the list above. The only difference is that when a penalty is selected you can see the actual minutes deducted and adjust it.

If you're doing attendance by hours you can still select a penalty but only as a flag.

When viewing student attendance under Students or Student Portal the penalty shows up. If there is a penalty the penalty icon changes to the penalty code. The penalty reason and minutes is also listed in the notes.
When generating an attendance report it will let you know when a penalty was assigned with '(Penalty)' and list the reason and minutes under notes.

View Attendance

When viewing student attendance under Students or Student Portal the penalty shows up. If there is a penalty the penalty icon changes to the penalty code. The penalty reason and minutes is also listed in the notes.

Attendance Report

When generating an attendance report it will let you know when a penalty was assigned with '(Penalty)' and list the reason and minutes under notes.